Dermal Fillers | Hyaluronique Acid
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    Dermal Fillers | Hyaluronique Acid


    Whether used to naturally re-sculpt the face, the lips or the hands, reduce wrinkles and lines, correct dark circles or bags or treat sagging skin, hyaluronic acid is favoured for its biocompatible and absorbable composition. This natural filler product helps to offset the reduced amount of hyaluronic acid produced naturally by your skin, owing to ageing.

    A personal assessment is necessary prior to treatment. Following an in-depth examination of the treatment area, hyaluronic acid is injected through a needle or a very fine cannula. Depending on the individual’s degree of sensitivity, an anaesthetic cream may be applied beforehand. The session will last no longer than an hour. The results will be immediate and last on average one year. When repeated regularly, the treatment keeps the skin healthy and supple.

    Following the treatment, the patient can immediately resume their activity. Some patients will experience slight swelling, redness and/or temporary minor haematoma. Injections into the lips can cause significant swelling but this reduces in the hours following the injection. Any adjustments can be made 15 days after the session to optimise results.

    There are no side effects or contraindications, other than pregnancy and some autoimmune diseases. In the event of asymmetry, the physician may inject hyaluronidase, an enzyme capable of dissolving hyaluronic acid, to correct the flaw.

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