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    Equally, women can experience genital and intimate problems during sexual relations, inhibiting ‘self-fulfillment’. Aesthetic medicine offers several solutions to allow women to feel better intimately. The G-spot is often identified as the nerve centre for female pleasure. However, this only concerns those women who depend on ‘vaginal’ orgasm, as ‘clitoridens’ derive sexual pleasure from clitoral stimulation. Amongst some ‘vaginal’ patients, it can be difficult to sustain enough pleasure to achieve an orgasm, perhaps due to G-spot shrinkage or atrophy.

    Aesthetic treatments also allow for augmentation of the labia major. When labia major lack volume, it can often lead to discomfort, due to emotional unease and a lack of self-confidence. Finally, treatments also exist for vaginal dryness, dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and painful episiotomy scars.

    • Vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, painful episiotomy scar

      Dyspareunia is a condition characterised by pain during sexual relations. It most often affects women and can be acute or chronic. Superficial or light dyspareunia is when the pain involves the vulva, the clitoris or the vagina and appears at the start of sexual contact, even with the slightest touch.

      Profound or deep dyspareunia occurs when the penis is inserted into the vagina, and sometimes only during certain positions.

      Causes of dyspareunia

      The causes of dyspareunia might include:
      – Organic/physical: a local infection, uterine or ovarian diseases
      – Lack of vaginal lubrication: sexual relations without stimulation, menopausal decline in oestrogen
      – Psychological

      In order to ease this pain, one must first of all conduct a gynaecological exam to identify the cause. Lubricants and oestrogen are often prescribed. Hyaluronic acid injections offer a revolutionary solution to this problem.

      What happens during the session at the Paris medical clinic?

      The injection is performed at the clinic without speculum. The doctor administers a local anaesthetic.

      Where are the injections?

      – vaginal mucus: the side and back walls of the vagina are injected, following the multipoint technique. The injections are very shallow, at 0.5-1cm deep.

      Ideally, 0.5-0.8ml of hyaluronic acid should be injected per patient.

      – the vestibule (junction between the labia minora and the entry to the vagina): injections are performed according to the multipoint technique

      Side effects, after effects and results

      This injection only very rarely leads to light bleeding without consequences, or a temporary local inflammation.

      Sexual contact should be avoided for 12 hours following the injections. All other physical activity is possible straight away.

      The results are immediate and last 8 to 12 months.

      Painful episiostomy scars

      Chronic pain from episiotomy is due to sclerosis or abnormal scarring. It can be spontaneous or appear during sexual relations. Hyaluronic acid injections can make the scar more flexible, thus reducing the pain.

    • G spot amplification

      G-Spot amplification: medical treatment in Référence MD


      There are two types of female orgasm: clitoral and vaginal, thanks to G-spot stimulation. The G-spot is found in a concave part of the vagina, which is difficult to access, which explains why lots of women don't manage to feel it. Only one third of women reach orgasm through penetration and this is not guaranteed. Incidentally, it is alleged that 16 % of women do not have a G-spot.


      All causes for G-spot dysfunction are a good reason for this intervention to take place.
      – Hormonal: hormonal decline over time
      – Anatomic: pelvic floor problems, loss of perineal tone after childbirth and pelvic surgery
      – Psychological

      G-spot amplification using hyaluronic acid is not a therapeutic option for patients who have never experienced vaginal orgasm.

      On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that a decline in sexual pleasure can be due to many factors: hormonal, psychological (stress), post-natal or post perineal surgery or have perineal roots (assessment by a physiotherapist is necessary before the injection).

      What happens during the session at the Reference MD medical aesthetics clinic ?

      A gynaecological exam undertaken in the last three months is absolutely necessary.

      The injection takes place at the doctor's clinic, with the patient in the gynaecological or lithotomy position, and a speculum is introduced into the vagina.

      The G-spot is identified.

      A single injection of 2-3ml of hyaluronic acid will suffice (the same product as used for facial wrinkles).

      This injection augments the G-spot's relief (and prominence) and makes it more easy to stimulate during penetration.

      Side effects, after effects and result of G-spot enlargement

      This injection very occasionally provokes light bleeding, which is of absolutely no consequence, or a temporary local inflammation. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 12 hours following the injection. All other physical activities are possible straight away.

      Results are immediate and last from 8-12 months.

    • Increase of the labia majora

      Augmentation of labia majora: medical treatment in Aesthetic Medical Reference MD

      The volume and shape of the labia majora (the vaginal labia) can change over time due to several factors:

      -ageing (skin loses its elasticity and becomes droopy), over time the labia majora start to sag and dehydrate. The fat which used to constitute them atrophies, leaving excess skin. This loss of volume is linked to declining turgidity (their ability to swell). Thus, they can no longer play their role protecting the labia minor and vagina, creating discomfort which constricts a woman's physical and psychological bloom.

      -significant weight loss
      -one or several pregnancies or even be genetic

      This unpleasant appearance can affect the confidence and well-being of women and can also cause emotional discomfort during intimate relations.


      Hyaluronic acid injections around the labia majora can rejuvenate them, by augmenting their volume and correcting their shape, thus returning/bringing back all the vulva's sensuality.

      What happens during the session at the Parisian medical aesthetics clinic ?

      The injection is intradermal, in the mid to deep dermis; one 1ml dose is injected into each side, and this is adapted according to the state of the hydration. The injection technique can be in rear-tracing lines, fan-style or in a grid pattern.

      Side effects, after effects end result of labia majora augmentation

      This injection very occasionally provokes light bleeding, which is of absolutely no consequence, or a temporary local inflammation. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 12 hours following the injection. All other physical activities are possible straight away.

      Results are immediate.

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