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    Technique d’injection – Agent de comblement
    Zones: lèvres supérieur et inférieur
    Clement Nahed, Infirmière injectrice
    Patiente: Marlena Michalczyk, Infirmière injectrice

    • ** Injection .5ml / zones: Lèvre supérieur et inférieur
    • ** Injection de HA - 1ml, zones lèvres: supérieur et inférieur - Aussi apporté des correction au niveau des rides du fumeur ainsi que le plis au niveau du menton.

    The lips are a defining feature of your face. It is therefore important that they be well balanced, symmetrical, smooth, soft and of a balanced volume.

    Lip augmentation is created with the help of lipid-specific injections and fillers, expertly done by our team of doctors and registered nurses.

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    Treatment options

    Depending on the desired effects, different skin fillers can be used to treat lips. Lips require a softer product that ensures subtle and natural results.

    There are many attributes that make the lips attractive, mainly, the outline, the volume, the balance and the symmetry. Dermal fillers can both improve the lip and give it volume.

    Frequently asked questions ?
    • + Are there any side effects after using dermal fillers?

      A: The most common side effects occur within 24 hours or immediately after treatment. These may include: swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness.

      Immediate side effects usually disappear within a few days. However, depending on the type of filler used, it may take a few weeks.If you have concerns, all our injection specialists are available for follow-up consultations.

    • + How long the effects of skin fillers last?

      A: Dermal fillers can last from three to six months or even longer in most cases. As lips are an area of intense activity because of their constant use, the duration of the results may vary. Please talk to your injection specialist.

    • + Are dermal filler injections painful?

      A: During the injection of fillers you may feel a pinch and a slight pressure or a "tingling" sensation. As individuals have distinct pain threshold, the degree of felt discomfort will vary, and will also vary depending on the area of treatment.

    • + What Dermal Filler products are used by ReferenceMD Clinic?

      A: For legal reasons, we are not able to publish prescription drug brand names such as fillers. As part of the largest network of clinics in Canada, we use only approved and recognized brands. During your free consultation, you will be able to discuss freely with your injection specialist of cosmetic products the options available to you.

    Wrinkle Treatment Areas
    • What to expect

      Your free consultation will begin with a member of our medical team who includes highly experienced doctors and nurses. Your clinic injector will discuss in detail with you to understand your goals. They will also review your medical history to make sure the treatment is completely safe for you.

      Once the consultation is over, a series of photos before are taken. They are kept in a completely confidential file and used as evaluations of the progress with you and your injector.

      Then the lips are thoroughly cleaned with medical cleaning solution, then a topical anesthetic cream is applied for up to 15 minutes to minimize discomfort. Once the cream has numbed the lips, they are cleaned again and the treatment process begins.

      There are many different techniques that can be used to achieve the desired results. At this point, your injector will focus on the areas of your lips that you want to improve the most. The mouth-lip can be used to increase the size of the lip, but also to create a better symmetry of the lips, to create a definition and / or to improve the general shape of the lips.

      Your injector will provide you with complete instructions for further care and will reserve a free one to two-week evaluation at the clinic.

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