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    PRP | Alopecia

    Latest generation of platelet-rich plasma. Up to 5X more concentrated than older generations

    Stimulate hair regrowth by regenerating the bulb using your own blood

    • 100% natural
    • Thanks to the growth factors in your blood
    • Nothing is better then this
    • Without anesthesia

    Why is our PRP technology the best on the market?


    • Tube of 8 ml only technologies
    • Extraction of 5 ml of plasma only
    • Concentration at 1.6 in growth factors
    • Concentration at 1.6 for hair regrowth

    Low amount of plasma and concentration at only 1.6


    • Tube of 11ml or 22ml
    • Extraction of 8ml or 12ml pure of rich plasma
    • Concentration in growth factors up to 5X in growth factor
    • Concentration at 4 for hair loss, hair transplant, and point
    • Concentration at 5 for hair transplants

    More plasma and more concentrates in growth factors

    94% of customers are satisfied with the results

    60 minutes per session

    100% natural because we use your own blood

    * source: Realself medical website

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    • Personalized evaluation

      We want to get to know you personally before your first treatment. Each person is unique and deservesa personalized assessment. Everyone has different expectations and needs so it is essential we advise you on the best possible treatment and cost estimate.

    • Taking of photographs

      It is important to take a picture before and after the treatment. Taking pictures allowsus to correctly visualize the areas to be treated. In addition, it is the most effective way for you to see the evolution of the results.

    • Blood tests

      A specialized nurse will take a blood sample to obtain a concentration of 1.6 to 3.5 (ideal).

    • Centrifuging your blood

      A centrifuge will separate platelet plasma from the red blood cells.

    • Adjusting the concentration

      We will adjust the concentration of growth factors by removing the less concentrated platelet-rich plasma.

      The concentration ranges from 2 to 5 according to the zone or the condition to be treated, which gives a better result compared to the old technologies which make it possible to obtain only a concentration of 1.6 with little plasma to be injected.

    • The treatment

      We will inject PRP into your scalp to target the follicular bulb. Direct injection is the most effective and accurate method.

    • After the treatment

      You will have to wait 4 hours before rinsing your hair. It will take several weeks to see results. Bydoing 3 or 4 sessions youwill achieve better results that will continue to improve for up to 18 months.

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